Direc TV AT&T Genie Universal Remote Control IR/RF RC73 for sale $9

Direc TV RC73 remotes.

Newest remote model replaces RC71 and RC72. Batteries not included. Programming instructions: Listedbuy. com/esupport/article. html#! /directv/KM1082506FEATURESCompatible Receivers in RF mode: HR44 / HR54 and C41 / C51 / C61 client Compatible with older DIRECTV receivers when in IR mode Replaces Models RC71 or RC72 (both

are equivalent)On-screen tips help you use the buttons effectively Can be programmed to control RVU TVs All new combined pause/play button All new design puts the most frequently used buttons in easy reach Volume and channel rockers move easily with a push of the thumb Easy battery life indicator - Solid green=OK, fast green=replace soon, slow green=replace now Self-programming when used with a DIRECTV Genie DVR or client RF4CE 2-way technology for better RF signal reception with less keybounce Turn TV and receiver on with one button Press and hold {ENTER} to change TV input When used with a Genie DVR or Genie Mini Client, the RC73 Genie Remote is self-programming through menu prompts on the receiver and can also be set into RF mode so that the DIRECTV equipment can be hidden in a cabinet or behind the TV for a super-clean installation.

New RF4CE technology gives this remote 2-way communication between itself and the DIRECTV Genie DVR or Client.

This means practically no key bounce even though the RF transmitter is much more powerful. The RC73 Genie Remote has been designed from the ground up for ease of use and comfort

  • Price: $9

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